Ingrid Vermeer


I started in april 2016 with my first 100 days project: 100 days of post it people. Every day, I made a drawing on a post it sticky note. I wanted to get better at drawing people so that was my subject. The sticky notes my drawing paper because that seemed small and doable to me and I thought that would increase the chance of actually finishing 100 drawings.

I found it so much fun and so inspiring that not only did I reach 100 days, but I wasn’t ready to stop yet. So now it’s 365 days of post it people.

I’m learning a lot. About drawing, about materials, about looking, and seeing, about eyes and hands and noses and likeness (or not) and character. And also about myself, how I work, that I seek challenges, and sometimes just want to get the drawing done. What I can do when my time or energy is limited, and that even then I still can make my daily drawing. That I can loose myself in drawing and studying a face. That this project brings me so much joy. It’s an ongoing journey and there’s still a lot to discover 🙂
When I’m not drawing I spend my time on reading, writing, editing, graphic design, working in my garden, sewing, handbiking, taichi, and my little free library.


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